NJCAA Championship TV

What is NJCAA Championship TV?
Launched in the fall of 2009, NJCAA Championship TV begins its 11th year of live streaming coverage of select NJCAA Championships. NJCAA Championship TV has proved to be one of the organization's most successful initiatives and has raised the profile of the organization, its member colleges and most importantly - its student-athletes. Since its inception, NJCAA Championship TV has provided unprecedented access to NJCAA Championships with over 3,000 live and on-demand video broadcasts from the organization's top national championship tournaments.

How can I watch NJCAA Championship TV? 
NJCAA Championship TV is available on both your desktop and mobile/tablet devices, as well as through NJCAA Championship TV specific over-the-top (OTT) streaming platforms, including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV and Apple TV. In addition, the NJCAA Championship TV app is available for iOS in the App Store and Android on Google Play. Mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, and Android will work with the default web browser. Devices should be kept up to date and connected to a reliable data connection for optimal playback. Apple users and owners of an AppleTV device can simply ‘throw’ the webcast from their iPhone or iPad using the AirPlay feature. See How to Use Airplay. Computer users can output their display directly to an HDMI signal if supported, otherwise a converter may be required. These options may require advance setup and we suggest using an ‘On Demand’ archive to test prior to watching a live event.

What does it cost to watch?
NJCAA Championship TV offers a wide range of subscription options to fans to watch live coverage of NJCAA Championships (see tentative broadcast schedule).  

2019-20 NJCAA Championship TV Subscription Plans
Single Broadcast Pass:                  $4.99
^Championship Season Pass:     $14.99
Full Year (2019-20):                      $39.99

^Championship Season Pass provides access to all championship broadcasts from Fall, Winter or Spring.
NOTE: NJCAA member colleges participating in each championship will receive a complimentary Championship Season Pass.

*The 2019 NJCAA Football Championship will air live via the CBS Sports Network.

*2020 NJCAA softball championships will feature only semi-final and final rounds.

Click here for Pay-Per-View Help  |  Click here for Pay-Per-View Help on OTT Apps

Can I download a broadcast of a specific NJCAA Championship game/match? 
Yes, digital downloads of any NJCAA Championship broadcast is available for $9.99. Simply click on the 'download' icon of the desired broadcast.

Do I have to pay to watch an archived broadcast? 
Archived broadcasts will be available to watch for free 48 hours following the conclusion of an NJCAA Championship.

Is a certain internet browser required to watch online?
We recommend to use an updated version of Google Chrome for optimal viewing and compatibility. If your browser is older or outdated, there is a chance that it will not correctly load the website. 

What kind of Internet connection do I need to view a live streaming video?
We recommend viewing from a wired connection with a download bandwidth of at least 1000-2000Kbps (1-2Mbps). However the stream may require higher speeds if the stream is being encoded at a higher bitrate. To test your speed, go to http://www.speedtest.net. Bandwidth fluctuates constantly (especially on WiFi and mobile internet), so running three (3) tests is recommended. As a general rule, your download bandwidth must be greater than the bitrate of the stream you are trying to view.

For general questions regarding NJCAA Championship TV, please contact Brian Luckett, Director of External Affairs: bluckett@njcaa.org 

For NJCAA Championship TV sponrship opportunities, please contact Brian Luckett, Director of External Affairs: bluckett@njcaa.org